Firmware Update V1.1.1 released to fix bugs - Must be plugged into a power supply to update

Posted 15 days ago by Christopher Turner

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Christopher Turner Admin

Update 6/11/24 - Please note that the Airmonitor Plus must be plugged into a power source before the update is attempted.  It will show an error if you try to update the device on when it is running on battery power. Additionally, the battery state of charge must be below 100%.

Today we have released a firmware update today to fix two bugs;

1) Screen Sleep.  The selector was not staying in the on position and would automatically revert to off after a few seconds

2) Temperature Selector.  This was showing the incorrect setting.

Both of these issues are now resolved.

To install the update;

1) Open the BREATHE Tech App and go to the device. You should see the following pop up;  

2) Select Update Now and then Update on the next page to install V1.1.1.

3) You may need to recalibrate the CO2 sensor by pressing the rear button 3 times if it is not displaying any reading.

Please allow around 30 minutes for the other sensors to recalibrate and show correct readings.

If you have any problems, please get in touch, we are here to help.

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